Short Film City Hull – SYRIAN VOICES – June 21

Hull Independent Cinema + Short Film City Hull presents: SYRIAN VOICES

To mark Refugee Week, Short Film City Hull brings you a selection of powerful documentaries. Told in their own words the films follow Syria’s first astronaut now living in exile, three inspiring female activists working in rebel-held parts of Syria and those that have survived the treacherous journey to Greece.


Syria’s Rebellious Women: PRECIOUS
Zaina Erhaim | UK | 6 mins
Ghalia, a community activist has faced repeated attacks in her home town in Idlib province. Undeterred, she has founded a series of centres that provide vocational training to local women, and remains committed to trying to improve their lives.

Syria’s Rebellious Women: PLEDGE
Zaina Erhaim | UK | 6 mins
Ahed, known as “the troublemaker” by her friends, was at the vanguard of demonstrations in Aleppo, against both Assad’s government and Islamic State. Despite beatings and humiliation meted out by both forces, she continues to do relief work.

Syria’s Rebellious Women: PRETTY
Zaina Erhaim | UK | 7 mins
Zein was released from 14 months in prison to find her home completely destroyed and her family displaced. She too became a paramedic, working in the Dar Shifaa field hospital alongside her friend Ahed.

Matthew Firpo | Greece/USA | 20min
Shot on location in Greece, January 2016, the film is formed of a series of noble portraits of refugees from Syria. Their testimonies to the camera are part of a harrowing chronicle of the ongoing European refugee crisis.

Erol Mintaş/Taylan Mintaş | Turkey | 8mins
This is the story of the first Syrian astronaut, Muhammed Faris, who sent a message to President Hafez al-Assad from space in 1987 and now lives as a refugee in Istanbul. When the Syrian people rose up against the dictatorial Assad regime five years ago, he sided with the Free Syrian Army rebels.



7:00pm: Doors open. Why not grab a drink from Fruit’s bar and settle in for the film? Fruit has a selection of over 50 beers, including world lagers, ales, bitters, stouts and ciders as well as a range of craft, trappist, abbey and wheat beers. They also offer wines, hand pulled ales, tea & coffee, spirits and bar snacks.

7.30pm: Programme starts.

9.30pm: Programme ends.


Tickets are ‘Pay What You Want’ and can be purchased via HULL BOX OFFICE 


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