Beasts of the Southern Wild | 2012 | USA | 93m | cert 12A

Programme of “pay what you want” film shows begins

Beasts of the Southern Wild | 2012 | USA | 93m | cert 12A

This week sees the first event in our year-long Community Screenings programme, which is designed to bring independent, world and art cinema to new audiences in communities around the city. The event on Thursday 29 January, which will take place at Winifred Holtby Academy school on Midmere Avenue, features a screening of the wonderful, fantastical Beasts of the Southern Wild. The main feature will be preceded by a show of rare archive film from Hull’s history which has been put together by Yorkshire Film Archive in support of their Film Search Hull project.

This first screening will be followed on Thursday 12 February at Thomas Ferens Academy school with a showing of the excellent crime caper with a futuristic twist, Robot and Frank. Again, we have teamed up with Yorkshire Film Archive to schedule an archive film screening as a curtain-raiser to the main feature.

This is all part of our Community Screenings project, which has received a £5,000 investment from Film Hub North to support our efforts to grow audiences for independent, world and art cinema. The funding means that tickets for the screenings are available on a “pay what you want” basis so anyone can afford to give something new a try.

The Community Screenings Programme is supported by Film Hub North, led by Sheffield Workstation, and proud to be part of the BFI Film Audience Network

The Community Screenings Programme is supported by Film Hub North, led by Sheffield Workstation, and proud to be part of the BFI Film Audience Network

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James Russell, who runs the community screenings programme for HICP, said that the events were aimed at attracting audiences who wouldn’t normally consider coming to watch independent film. “We know that if our long-term goal of building a new independent cinema in Hull is to be achievable, we need to increase the size of the audience who want to come and watch independent and world film.

“Our community screenings are all about bringing this type of film to audiences who don’t engage with independent cinema, or even mainstream film, perhaps because they don’t have these films marketed to them, perhaps because they cannot access them due to cost, transport or other barriers.

“We’ve analysed where the audiences for our existing programme of films come from, and we’re putting on these community screenings in places where not many of our current customers live.

“All our community screenings are on a “pay what you want” basis so everyone can afford to give something new a try, and as these first events are being hosted in schools we are keen to make them accessible to all ages and have been careful to programme films rated 12A.”

The first two events in the programme feature critically-acclaimed independent films from America. The event at Winifred Holtby Academy on 29 January will give audiences the chance to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild, the tale of a young girl who journeys through a fantastical version of her southern US home in search of her mother, and which was nominated for four Oscars among many other awards.

Beasts of the Southern Wild | 2012 | USA | 93m | cert 12A

Beasts of the Southern Wild | 2012 | USA | 93m | cert 12A

Meanwhile, on 12 February the film will be Robot and Frank, a crime caper with a difference – in the near future, retired jewel thief Frank is given a robot companion which he at first hates but which he then realises could help him carry out one final heist.

Robot and Frank | 2012 | USA | 89m | cert 12A

Robot and Frank | 2012 | USA | 89m | cert 12A

Graham Relton, Yorkshire Film Archive Manager, will be at both events to present the archive footage and to talk about Film Search Hull, a project which aims to find and preserve more local films, creating a Hull Film Heritage Collection. Mr Relton said, “We’re really looking forward to working with HICP on this project. If you have any Hull and East Riding films hidden away in lofts, cupboards or sheds, bring them with you!”

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There is no need to book tickets in advance for either event, and while the community screenings are aimed primarily at people living in the vicinity of the venues, all are welcome to attend. Full details of both events can be found on our events calendar.

The full Community Screenings Programme will see a film event put on once a month throughout 2015 at a variety of community venues around the city. Full details will be announced on the HICP website as each event is scheduled. HICP are keen to hear from any community venues that would be interested in hosting one of the screenings.

Full programme details for January and February screenings

Thursday 29 January, Winifred Holtby Academy / Thursday 12 February, Thomas Ferens Academy

6.00pm: Venue doors open. Come along early to chat to the HICP team and enjoy some food and drink. We will be providing vouchers for the first 50 people through the door to spend on food from the on-site café (details to be confirmed) and complimentary soft drinks will be available.

6.30pm: Welcome and introductions from the HICP team.

6.40pm: Yorkshire Film Archive presents a film of archive footage of Hull, with introduction, commentary and the chance to ask questions.

8.00pm: Main feature, Beasts of the Southern Wild (29 January, 93 minutes, Cert 12A) / Robot and Frank (12 February, 89 minutes, Cert 12A).

9.40pm: Event closes.


  1. Rosemary Pearman says:

    Please can you tell me if you make a charge for your film nights and if you show any films online, specially for anyone who can’t get to the venues.

    • Paul Terry says:

      Hi Rosemary. There is a ‘pay what you want’ scheme in place with these showings, so if you wanted to pay £5 to see the film you could, likewise if you didn’t want to pay anything then you could. Our aim is to make film as accessible to people as possible and we understand the cost of seeing a film can often be a barrier for people. Unfortunately we don’t show any of the films online, but there are plenty of online subscription based websites that you’ll be able to stream them from if you’re a member of them.

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